Media Kit

NaughtyList.News is a weekly newsletter about adult gaming, i.e., games about love, sex, and romance. It’s written by me, Mr. Hands, a programmer working in the AAA games industry who wishes to remain anonymous for now.

I started my newsletter in September 2020 as a way for me to find an audience that shares my interest in adult games. NaughtyList.News is currently ranked #3 on Google for the search term “adult gaming news,” I am working hard to reach the top spot.

If you want to become a sponsor, please fill out the form I’ve prepared. I will get back to you about the availability of the different options as soon as possible!

By the numbers

As of February 2023, NaughtyList.News boasts:

  • 1000+ email subscribers

  • 5,000+ unique impressions per month

  • 3,100+ followers on Twitter

  • 6,400+ members on Reddit

Sponsoring the newsletter

My viewers expect relevant and high-quality writing about adult gaming from this publication. Therefore I will only accept sponsors for products or services related to the adult gaming industry in some way.

Some examples include:

  • A published adult game

  • An adult gaming platform

  • An Internet-connected vibrator

Counter-examples include:

  • An escort service

  • Webcam modeling

  • Gaming furniture

I reserve the right to deny a sponsorship for any reason, including those not listed here.

Sponsored Byline - $20

Sponsored bylines appear directly below the header image and before the opening paragraph

One or two lines of text at top of a newsletter that links to your product or service. The line(s) will be in italics and clearly marked as part of a sponsorship by including the words “sponsored by” in the text.

You can provide the wording, or I can write the words myself based on your talking points. You will have some editorial control over the final text before it goes out to my subscribers.

One Sponsored Byline slot is available for each newsletter.

Sponsored Segment - $50

One or two paragraphs about your product or service in the middle of a newsletter.

If what you would like me to promote is a game, this could be a short explanation of what it’s about and why people might be interested, including a screenshot. The segment will be marked as sponsored in the title and text.

I will write this segment based on the materials and talking points that you provide. You will have some editorial control over the final text before it goes out to my subscribers.

One Sponsored Segment is available for each newsletter.

Leaderboard Banner - $80

Leaderboard Banners are shown in the middle of the newsletter—the graphic acts as a link to your product or service. You can either supply graphics yourself, or I can make them for you.

NOTE: Due to technical limitations of the Substack newsletter platform, I cannot guarantee the quality of animated banners. That’s why I recommend against them.

Graphics must be supplied as a JPEG, PNG, or WebP image and must be in one of the following formats:

Leaderboard banner with dimensions optimized for Substack (945 x 117 px)
Web standard leaderboard banner (728 x 90 px)

One Leaderboard Banner slot is available for each newsletter.

Editorial - $250

An Editorial is where I devote one of my weekly newsletters to your product or service. The byline of the newsletter will state that it is sponsored content, and no other sponsors will be shown.

You do not have to provide the exact words you want me to print. Instead, you can give me a list of talking points you would like me to cover, and I will weave these into a story for my readers. You will have some editorial control over the final text before it goes out to my subscribers.

One Editorial slot is available every fiscal quarter.


Payments are always made in US dollars. I accept payment via IBAN bank transfer (in Europe) or Paypal (international).

Send an email to to inquire about details.