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It's a good resource and it's great for your games to be discovered, but not nearly as good as any other store front like Itch.io or steam on itself. A few points why I don't like F95:

- The moderation is pretty inconsistent and sometimes incompetent. They shield themselves saying it's just a hobby, but so are many of these games so that isn't an excuse for mediocrity.

- Speaking of which, they accept absolutely all kinds of games, and although good, you have to traverse a sea of mediocre 3D games to get anywhere

- Site hasn't been updated in around 2 years now and it lacks basic features like filtering games by unlike tags

- Speaking of tags, the tag system is so basic it's just bad

It's mostly a tool, but as a site, it really leaves a lot to be desired.

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I put my game on F95 on my own. I was also starting from nothing, though, and needed a way to get attention for my game. I still make it so my patrons get exclusive access to info and game updates before anyone else, though. Plus a couple other benefits.

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F95 is good but it sure need an upgrade

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