I really hope that one day Operation Lovecraft actually becomes an actual game, as opposed to just a library of 3D sex loops. They have the money to make it happen already, but have already spent a bazillion days focused solely on sex animations and apparently that's what they plan to focus on for the next several months too, so I'm not holding out much hope.

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I think that's fair criticism. The game's marketing about it being a strategy game doesn't match up with what's actually available on Steam. But I do understand their strategy. The sex sandbox stuff is what they call Phase 1 and it's setting a foundation for the rest of the game. This reduced the risk gor the project because they've already been able to build an audience.

I personally hope they can add some real gameplay soon as well but I'm confident they are experienced enough to make that happen.

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Dec 5, 2021Liked by Mr. Hands

Sure, but for me personally, the gameplay has to actually be fun for the game to be worth playing. And that's where I see 95% of adult games fail.

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