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It feels a lot worse to me when AI takes away people's jobs that involve creativity than it does when automation takes away jobs in things like manufacturing. It is the same general effect, but I am such a big fan of great writers of fiction and great artists that I don't want to see them sidelined. For example, you always have such great artists in the Artist Spotlight (especially this week!). And I really like both of the artists that Winged Cloud typically uses. So I want to see more like that. But the quality of AI art has increased to such a point that I sometimes can't tell if it is AI-generated or not. If I see in reviews that a game used AI to generate content, I won't buy it. But I know I probably have quite a few games in my library that did use AI, no one mentioned it in a review, I couldn't tell, so I bought it.

I don't mind it in some specific use cases. #1 - mass text generation - like a RPG that has a bunch of weapons. If AI writes the descriptions of the many weapons in the game that is fine. #2 - to improve the quality of a solo game. If a game developer says in their game description that they made the game themselves I am more likely to purchase it as a show of support. So if someone is a good programmer, but doesn't have the writing/editing/art/etc. skills, I'm fine with them using AI to do those tasks. Beats another pixel graphics game that looks worse than decades old games with text full of mistakes.

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