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I am going to miss Illusion shutting down, I’ve been following all their games since the early 2000s I really loved their Des Blood adventure rpg series and Brutish Mine from when they started making games in their early days in the 90s. Illusion started making games in 1993 and in 2001 expanded to become a large studio.

Their first games was Angel Army and Sei Senshi Mokkoriman on the PC-98 in 1993.

Mokkoriman RPG was their first RPG game in 1994.

Some of their other old 1990s classics include.

Brutish Mine 2000

Dancing Cat's 2000

Des Blood 3 2000

Biko 2 2000

Biko 1999

Des Blood 2 1998

Des Blood 1997

Hyōryū 1996

Ura Mansion Hakkin 1996

Mokkoriman Series: Rankō Nyotai Tsuri - Mokkoriman no Nani de Nushi Tsuri 1995

Kankin 1995

Ai no Omochashi: Space Gigolo - Red Cobra 1995

Kitōshima Joshi Keimusho 1994

Mokkoriman RPG 1994

Sei Senshi Mokkoriman 1993

Angel Army 1993

I will miss Illusion

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