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I was a professional developer. I definitely hid my side hustle in the NSFW world from employers in the past. I had to disclose that I had hired others to help me complete a "game." They were very curious and I remained as vague as possible. Regardless, it's definitely predatory for companies to try to straight up claim stake to whatever you develop and don't declare prior to employment. They are just greedy fucks.

We (my NSFW team and I) look forward to the day that the NSFW games are a part of the game conventions. If they have to have their own convention separate from the mainstream games, that's okay too. I think we're on the very early part of the curve but that mass adoption will hopefully come in as the years come by.

Nice articles/blog posts Mr. Hands. Keep it up.

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I'm a dutch developer and I make Space Rescue Code Pink,

It's actually a pretty friendly & fun game, and when I started on this, in a way I hoped a game like this could bridge the game between the normal games industry and the adult industry. Therefore I also tried to be open about what I make...Although I never say I make porn games right at the start of the conversation for I don't want people to feel akward (...and I also feel that gives the wrong picture of what I do) - But if they show interest in the fact that I make games, I do bring it up. -and 9 out of 10 times people are actually very enthousiastic about it :)

So perhaps it's worth being a bit more open about what we do?

Well, all the best!

Robin (my real name!)

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