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Thanks, this is a nice article again!

And when I started creating Space Rescue, I was fully aware of this situation and saw the potential of it. So as long as you include include your website link in your game (and your game is still in development) then 'priracy' can definitly work as a great promotion tool.

I even got a steam review once, where someone said he 'felt bad about pirating the game' and therefore eventually bought it on steam as well. I guess people who like it & can afford it will buy it anyway, but I honestly aslo don't mind that people play my game for free. I still much rather see that, then that they don't play it at all :)


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You're totally right and this is exactly the point of my article. Don't fight the pirates, but ask them to chip in if they are able. :)

I'm glad to hear that this strategy of embracing piracy as a promotional tool is working well for Space Rescue!

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The way they got me to purchase adult games was by:

1) Making actually decent games (duh).

2) Releasing them in a language that I understand.

3) Offering regional pricing since I live in a country with permanent double-digit inflation.

So basically Steam, Kagura Games and JAST USA are my to-go places.

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Localizing for price and language are both such good points!

I don't know exactly where you're located (it's fine, don't tell me!) but games can be very expensive indeed if they don't take the local economy into account. Similarly, not being able to play in your own language can be a huge barrier to entry.

Both are interesting topics for a future article, so thanks for the suggestion!

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Once, there was a game I downloaded from F98 and I actually only manage to find the developer and where they sold their games through the links inside the pirated game. And recently, I have not only started pirating less, but even I began buying games that I had played pirate in the past.

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