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I'm going to preface this by saying that I don't enjoy visual novels and personally, don't really classify them as proper games, as there's usually little effort to make something that requires any strategic thought or skill, and often there isn't even a clearly defined way to 'win' or 'lose', which to me is what I think defines a game. It's fine that other people have different definitions of what a game is, but that's mine.

Anyway, I really enjoy (most) NTR content I come across. And I think it's very interesting to explore why. Firstly, I've never cheated or been cheated on. So it doesn't hit any emotional scars. I am also (at least philosophically) poly, so I don't really experience jealousy in relationships in the same way that most people do. So, the idea of a partner having sex with someone else is exciting to me rather than upsetting. The breach of trust would still be hurtful, but the actual act is no problem.

I also really enjoy 'hold the moan' content - situations where people try to get away with doing naughty things in public, or where someone else could notice them.

And NTR is often just that - hold the moan combined with sex with others. So when it's that, it's pretty much automatically hot to me.

When the cuck is aware of the situation, they are obviously placed in a deeply submissive and humiliating position. And that's hot to me too - I love domination and submission, and I love sexual humiliation and degradation.

Finally, I think it's worth noting that something being taboo often makes it instantly hotter. 'These two people should not be doing that' really gets a lot of people going, which is part of the reason that interracial is so popular, especially given the background context of America's issue with racism, and it's also most of the reason that incest is so popular. It's just a quick, easy to understand backstory that clarifies that the sex is taboo. And, well, cheating is taboo too. So it gives a scene that extra oomph that some people are looking for.

So, while I can't comment on VNs specifically, I'm unsurprised to see that NTR continues to claim a healthy proportion of the market, and I expect this to continue, especially as more and more people begin to consider and experiment with non-traditional relationship arrangements.

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I guess it's time to play the good ol' netorare song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8b2Aqunt5s

In all seriousness, I hope the trend continues because I'm loving those games even when I'm not fond of NTR. I can't wait to give NTRaholic a go once it's out

(btw, I may or may not have a review of Handyman Legend in the works)

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